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Homespecs pre-sale "home-check" inspection for listing realtors, can benefit you, the realtor, by selling your listings faster by inspecting six major systems in the home at the time of listing. Giving you peace of mind knowing "your listings" won't reveal any hidden defects which might "kill the deal" at the end of the home buying process. Also Great for The for sale by Owner Seller Showing the public that you are a Serious Home Seller!

When past pre-sale inspections have been performed by Homespec it has almost always eliminated a buyers inspection later on at the close of the purchasing process. Scheduling a home inspection at the beginning of the selling process of a home, instead of near the end, expedites and makes the whole transaction of buying a home a much easier experience for all.

This inspection would aid the seller, paying for the inspection helping him to know the real condition of his home. If repairs are necessary, they can be made before the home is listed for sale. Sellers liability will be reduced and realtors can be more assured that a major defect down the road won't "kill the deal"!

Areas inspected: Exterior and Interior Foundation, Roof, Attic, Furnace, Water Heater and Electrical Main Panel and wiring. This is for Major Systems only Not Our Normal " Full Pre-purchase Inspection "

A professional pre-sale inspection report and sign are great sales tools. It sets your home apart from the thousands on the market. The more information prospective buyers have, the more thought they might give to purchasing the property.

Have a reputable home inspection company who is Certified and members of ASHI / NAHI    and The American institute of home Inspectors perform your inspection. Have peace
of mind knowing your home inspector performs to the highest standards in the industry.
Call Homespec to schedule a pre-sale inspection today!
Benefiting realtors, buyers and sellers.

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