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Lead is a soft, heavy dull gray metallic element. Before 1978, it was used profusely in the manufacturing of interior and exterior paint, household plumbing solder and gasoline. The various uses of lead has allowed it to be spread throughout our environment. Lead maybe found in our tap water from soldered based joints or from piping in the municipal water supply. Lead is also found in soils originating from auto and industrial emissions, deteriorating paint. Other sources are lead in pottery, china and crystal.

Lead poisoning occurs when it has been introduced to the bloodstream by ingestion and inhalation of lead dust or fumes. It replaces calcium and/or iron in the hemoglobin. Children between six months and six years are at the highest risk of lead poisoning because of their rapidly developing brains. Lead can be stored in the tissues and bones for several years and may repeatedly contaminate the blood as it is released from tissue and bones. Children do not have to ingest paint chips to become exposed to lead. Because lead paint, over time turns to dust and falls to the carpet or soil, this dust is eventually tracked into or around the house and crawling children can become exposed through hand to mouth or inhalation of lead based dust.

A normal level of lead in the blood stream is 0 to 10 ug/dL (micro grams per deciliter; equivalent to parts per trillion). According to the Center for Disease Control, a child has lead poisoning when the blood levels are above 15 ug/dL. A level greater then 45 ug/dL is considered a medical emergency and hospital treatment is advised. At 10-15 ug/dL environmental testing is advised.

Lead contamination in the home can be generated by renovations or remodeling projects. This can become a serious problem especially when young children are present. When people with young children are buying a home and planning such projects, they need to be informed about the potential presence of lead. If you require a lead inspection consult a qualified company with certified inspectors. For additional information on lead in New York State you can contact the NYS Lead Information Line at 1-(518) 458-1158. Information is also available from the National Lead Information Clearing House at 1-800-424-LEAD. You can visit the NLCH on the Internet at

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